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Laravel Core Adventures Video Course

Master Laravel Without Stumbling Over Its Magic

A video course for every Laravel developer who wants to know how Laravel works under the hood to become more efficient while using it.

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5h 23min

What you will learn:

  • How Laravel Livewire works
  • How Laravel's service container works
  • How Eloquent works in Laravel
  • How Notifications work in Laravel
  • How Facades work in Laravel
  • How Laravel's life-cycle works

Table Of Content

  • It All Starts With A Request
  • The HTTP Kernel
  • The Router
  • An Introduction To Facades
  • This Is How Facades Work
  • Testing Facades
  • Real-Time Facades
  • Almost and not always
  • Find All The Results
  • Find Results By ID
  • Let's Start Using Where Conditions
  • How To Load Relationships
  • Let's Use Eager Loading For Relationships
  • Accessors & Mutators
  • Scopes
  • The Best Introduction To The Service Container
  • Binding
  • Resolving
  • Contextual Binding #1
  • Contextual Binding #2
  • Extending Bindings
  • Notifications Intro
  • Sending Notifications
  • Dive Into The Mail Channel
  • Dive Into The Database Channel
  • Let Me Introduce You To Our New Adventure 🤠
  • Rendering A Component
  • The Livewire Lifecycle
  • Passing Data
  • How Front-end and Back-end Are Communicating
  • Updating A Component From The Front-end
  • Updating A Component From The Front-end (Part 2)
  • Security

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