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Learn With Christoph Rumpel

Welcome to my learning platform where you can overview all of my products.

PEST Driven Laravel On Laracasts

This course has moved to Laracasts. Learn to write applications that are fully tested and a joy to work with now and in the future through TDD. Tests are the base for writing code that is easy to change, refactor and maintain. There is no reason anymore to be afraid to touch your own code. Following test-driven development establishes the mindset that integrates testing and refactoring in your daily workflow.

Getting Started with TDD in PHP

I will give you a practical introduction to test-driven development in this course. I will show you how to get started, demonstrate the benefits of TDD, and explain why it has become my preferred way of programming.

Writing Readable PHP

This product was made in cooperation with Spatie and provides collection of bite size tips that make your code a joy to read for you, your co-workers, and future self.

Mastering PhpStorm

A video course to teach you how to work fast and efficiently in a beautiful clean IDE. I will show you all the techniques to work lightning fast in your favorite IDE PhpStorm.

Laravel Core Adventures

A video course for every Laravel developer who wants to know how Laravel works under the hood to become more efficient while using it.