Example Video 1 - Show course details

Example Video 2 - Refactor Purchased Courses

Example Video 3 - Tweet About Course Release Command

Unlock the power of TDD

Learn to write applications that are fully tested and a joy to work with now and in the future through TDD. Tests are the base for writing code that is easy to change, refactor and maintain. There is no reason anymore to be afraid to touch your own code. Following test-driven development establishes the mindset that integrates testing and refactoring in your daily workflow.

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6h 32min

What you will learn:

  • Build a fully tested app with TDD
  • Establish a TDD mindset
  • Spot and write valuable tests
  • Build well-tested Livewire components
  • Master PEST
  • Reach 80%+ code coverage with joy

Table Of Content

  • Welcome
  • Prepare the todos
  • Testing Setup
  • Let's write our first test
  • Show course overview (Part 1)
  • Show course overview (Part 2)
  • Refactor - Show course overview
  • Use Laravel Pint for fixing code style issues
  • Show course details (Part 1)
  • Show course details (Part 2)
  • Refactoring - Show course details (Part 1)
  • Refactoring - Show course details (Part 2)
  • Show purchased courses (Part 1)
  • Show purchased courses (Part 2)
  • Refactor - Show purchased courses
  • Login and registration
  • Watch purchased courses (Part 1)
  • Watch purchased courses (Part 2)
  • Refactor - Watch purchased courses
  • Enhance video player (Part 1)
  • Refactor - Enhance video player
  • Use better livewire assertions
  • Add given courses to the database
  • First look through the browser
  • Add Paddle checkout overlay
  • Activate sandbox setup and add missing test
  • Refactor - Paddle checkout overlay
  • Handle a valid purchase
  • Refactor - Tweet about course release command
  • Make it look beautiful
  • What about code coverage?
  • Don't forget about social tags
  • Refactor - Don't forget about social tags
  • Enhance video player (Part 2)
  • Refactor - Enhance video player (Part 2)
  • Refactor - Use better livewire assertions
  • Add given courses to the database (Part 2)
  • First look through the browser (Part 2)
  • Validate and store Paddle request
  • Push a job for valid Paddle request
  • Store a purchase for a given user
  • Refactor - Handle a valid purchase
  • Purchase a course through the browser
  • Tweet about course release command, but fake it first.
  • Now we really tweet something on Twitter